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Farm House Visit

Farm House Visit

Staying in a local farm house with a Bhutanese family is an excellent way to experience the daily life in the country. While the farm house may not offer the facilities like in hotels or resorts in Bhutan, the experience could not be more unique and memorable for any guest. You will be amazed by the unparalleled hospitality and warmth of the locals, which the Bhutanese have always been known for.

Farm houses are built in the Bhutanese traditional way, with mud and stones without any nails, most of them have two or three floors. The ground floor is for the livestock like animal farms and vegetable gardens, and the family live on the first floor and use the top floor to dry hay for their animals. The accommodation will have basic facilities, but not the shower, in return, this is a chance for guests to try out the traditional hot stone bath of the Bhutanese. The traditional way of bathing is loved by the Bhutanese for its ability to relax and heal the body after a long working day. On the other hand, western-style toilets are generally offered for guests at these farm houses.

These homestays are located in the countryside in Paro, Punakha, Phobjikha & Bumthang Valleys for the authentic experience of visitors. While staying here, guests will join the host to carry out the daily task like a real Bhutanese, such as preparing and making a local meal. In the morning, you may wake up to the call of the cockerel to see how the hosts start their day, making breakfast and putting water into the bowls around the family shrine. Or you can enjoy the beautiful scene of sunrise from the house as the landscape is covered in the light pink from the sun and the fluttering praying flags along the paths. The whole nature glows in the first light from the sun and welcomes a new day while the birds chirping their songs.

The host will show you how to do the farm work and chores, so you can spend time learning about their life on the farm field. Archery lessons can also be arranged accordingly with traditional bow and arrows for you to learn about the Bhutan national sport. After a day of working and a hot bath to ease your body, completing your experience with a sip of the ‘ara’- the Bhutanese local wine. And you will sleep on the floor as the Bhutanese used to do in the olden days.

During your stay, the host will do their best to communicate and to make you feel comfortable. Dinner is the time for the host and guests to sit down and get to know each other. By the end of the trip, you will understand more about how the Bhutanese live their daily life and making new friends, and more importantly, making an unforgettable time in Bhutan.