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Why Bhutan

Your travel experience is never complete without a visit to Bhutan.

Happiness awaits you…

Bhutan was totally seeped in mysticism until it opened up to the outside world, breaking out from its self imposed isolation, in 1960. With very few foreigners that visited the country, it was indeed a route less travelled. This quaint little kingdom, however, is a treasure trove of unique experiences waiting to unfold and truly makes for an excellent holiday destination. It has been independent since time immemorial and it shares pride in its record of history of never being colonized by any country, thereby leaving its culture and tradition intact without the slightest blend of borrowed culture and tradition.

About UsToday, it has carved a niche for itself as one of the top travel destinations in Asia and continues to capture the imaginations of even the most seasoned travelers. Foreigners might find the beliefs and way of life incomprehensible at times, but there is a lot to be learnt from these simple and seemingly naïve Bhutanese ways. We do believe in the sacred horse eggs (Phajoding Monastery), flying tigress and its nest (Taktsang), and roaring dragons. But the historical accounts that back up these beliefs do lend a certain degree of credibility to it as you will find out for yourselves.

As a tourist destination the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is indeed unusual, unique and exotic. So much has been said, written about and read but a visit to our exotic destinations still remain a personal experience that will last a lifetime. Bhutan, though considered as an LDC (Least Developed Countries), is gifted with astonishing natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich cultural heritage and customs, and simple but content people.

About BhutanBuddhism is everywhere, determining attitudes, molding thoughts and shaping character. Bhutanese people continue to consider humility and hospitality the important attributes which contribute to determining the levels of happiness in our own lives. How happy our guests are determines how happy we are. Don’t be surprised if a simple farmer takes great delight in offering you a major portion of his simple meal without any expectations of returns or favor. The Bhutanese continue to consider seeking a harmony between man and nature to be of greater importance than attaining material gains, an approach which permeates their whole existence. This is a kingdom where hidden spiritual treasures are discovered, rivers and forests are the abode of various spirits, people strongly believe in reincarnation, the dead are cremated, tigers have nests and everything ranging from black-necked cranes to tigresses is believed to fly.

Though Bhutan is a rather poor country as far as economy is concerned it remains as one of the safest places, which isn’t marred by political conflicts or extreme poverty, and completely at peace with itself and its neighbors. Bhutan offers a unique kaleidoscope of the Gross National Happiness culture which is basically a codified concept which dictates that development in Bhutan does not consist of demographic expansion alone. Here, one is spared the worry of crime and beggars are a rarity. Nowhere else can one find the physical, cultural and religious diversity, and sense of contentment which exists in Bhutan.

These are the ingredients that make Bhutan truly a traveler’s paradise.

Explore Bhutan, and in the process find yourself…