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Bike Rides

Bike Rides

Motorcycle tours in Bhutan offers an off-beat experience riding through the lush green valleys, awe-struck amazing countryside, happy faces, unimaginable stunning passes, and the list goes on. To admire this raw aesthetic geography, one must encounter challenges on the road like uphill terrain ride, bumpy roads, exotic curves, and the risk involved which further heightens the enjoyment. Bhutan is the happiest nation of Asia, where EXCLUSIVITY IS GUARANTEED.

The thrill of having a two-wheeled machine that weighs only a few hundred kilograms and has one of the best power to weight ratios in the world of automotive is pure bliss. It is indeed one of the purest way to feel excitement and ecstatic while traveling from your location to destination. Motorbiking has gained enormous popularity not only as a mode of transportation but to experience the route in its rawest form.

Having onboard a team of motor bikers , we came cross many members for whom motorbiking constitutes a definite, obsessive kind of a passion. We have appreciated their desire and comprehended this passion into making journeys across the amazing land of Bhutan.