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Camping in Bhutan is arguably one of the great ways to enhance your travel experience. Its close and romantic rendezvous with stunning landscapes, pristine and nascent environment, all permeating quaintness and more.
On a conventional trek camping, small light weight tents are used with potentially curtailed amenities to serve as weight effective measures to make it easier for pack animals to carry. In contrast, Deluxe camping comes with lot of amenities and heavy duty gears to make your sleep as comfortable as possible in the wilderness, without worrying about the weight to haul them around, as they are transported in the vehicle. Deluxe camping allows you to be near a remote village, or an idyllic location for birding, fishing, to enjoy nature or mountain biking without worrying about having to travel great distance to get back to the hotel from these location. Your Room, and your private Cook and Waiter travels with you. Although it may not be as luxurious as hotel itself, Deluxe Camping expresses and brims with comfort, style and with amenities galore that aims at making it easier to experience the ideal outdoor adventure. We truly believe that this camping experience without roughing up, will add great value to your outdoor experience. While you stay in pleasant hotels in the cities or towns, we can add few days of camping in between. There are multitude of places and region where Deluxe camping can thrive and these areas are generally amidst bountiful nature.