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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

In a bid to increase foreign revenue generation and promote its rich and otherwise little known rich culture and heritage, Bhutan formally opened up to tourism only in 1974.  Taking a guarded approach towards tourism, Bhutan has followed up the “high value low volume” approach. This was done in consideration of its lack of infrastructure and more importantly to safeguard its rich culture.

This cautious approach, however, has not deterred the influx of tourists which has seen a steady increase in the number of visitors, cementing Bhutan’s place as an exclusive destination.

In order to provide the tourists with reliable first hand information on the country, the Tourism Council of Bhutan accords very high priority to training and certifying the guides besides ensuring that the hotels and resorts are up to the international standards.

* All tours or travel should be a part of guided tours and are required to be routed through a licensed tour operator or travel agent like Bhutan Real Adventure.