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Why with us

Why with us

10 Good reasons for booking your Bhutan vacation with Blessed Bhutan Adventure

1. Tailor made ItinerariesIndividual travel experiences tailored to your needs: From the initial planning stage to your return, we promise immediate and meticulous attention to your specific requirements. Rather than a pre-packaged tour we offer you an individual experience. It is your journey! Create your own unique holiday with the help of the local experts. Whether you seek action and adventure, cultural odysseys, classic highlights, or off the beaten track, we can meet your needs. The wealth of options featured on our website is just a taster of what we can do and can be easily customized to suit you.

2. Comfort & Flexibility: At Blessed Bhutan Adventure, flexibility is our specialization! We will customize any itinerary whether for an individual traveler, large educational groups, corporate delegates or an imaginative incentive house. Tailor-made adventures… You want something ‘unusual’ and yet do not know what! Do not worry. Simply request a customized itinerary. Whether you are a Free Individual Traveler (FIT), a Special Interest Group (SIG) or an Exclusively Private Party (EPP), we always have something special for you. Our 24hour turn-around period ensure speedy response to your requests.

3. Quality service: We focus on unique experiences; we at Blessed Bhutan Adventure offer a professional     level of service far beyond normal travel companies. Already before your journey we offer intensive consulting, planning, and logistical support. Unparalleled. Bhutan Rila’s core strength lies in the quality of our cultural knowledge with Innovative itineraries: We start where guidebooks end. As per your choice of destination, specialists reply to your questions, whether about the cultural aspects of an itinerary, the difficulty of a tour, or background information such as climate, health precautions, and formalities. A team that knows your destination perfectly will reply to your enquiries.

During the planning stage, Our team at Blessed Bhutan Adventure assures our trips are safe, and suit your needs.  You choose the level of adventure that suits you: explore exquisite scenery on short hikes, commune with local villagers or trek to high mountain passes, we are there for you. We also offer adventure options including white river rafting and biking. And at the end of a full day’s adventures, you can relax in the comfort of the cozy hotel room, or tent and enjoy a hearty, gourmet dinner with a glass of finest drinks available. We utilizes only certified tourist infrastructures, and services.

4. Expertise: We love Bhutan and we love what we do. This is our passion, let us share it with you” You will see this unique and splendid land with an indigenous operator and therefore to share your time with Blessed Bhutan Adventure is to experience the true soul of our land, to become forever a part of the glorious spirit that is Bhutan, our home. In Bhutan, no one can show you Bhutan the way we does. We offer you more itineraries, and more ways to customize your adventure. Join us as we explore the spellbinding cultural reserves of Bhutan.

5. Authenticity: Local Escorts To Exploration The direct involvement of professional indigenous guides in organizing and leading your Adventure tours to Bhutan assures you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed, and authentic experience with Fascinating exposure to local culture: With us you will gain deep insights into the local culture by experiencing local trades, customs, art, architecture, religion, food, and music. Experience cultural heritage: Discover far-off lands: Our journeys leave the beaten path and enter places few outsiders ever ventured. Our unique itineraries cannot to be experienced anywhere else and when travelling with Blessed Bhutan Adventure you enjoy access to special events, special places and private homes. Thanks to deep-rooted relationships in each of our destinations, travelers are welcomed and granted privileged access unavailable to most visitors.

6. Security: One of our top priorities at Blessed Bhutan Adventure is to make your journey secure. Wherever you venture, you will be in the best hands. Experience adventure travelling – at utmost safety. Enjoy 24/7 access to an expert travel specialist. Should any problems arise, we are there to resolve things efficiently and effectively – we are just a phone call or an email away. With our extensive network of on-the-ground staff, you will have support around the clock, whenever and wherever you need it.

7. Our Experience and Reputation: The industry and consumer awards that Blessed Bhutan Adventure have won are testimony to our excellent reputation and unbeatable experience in Bhutan. We have created and operated a diverse range of travel experiences for independent explorers as well as organizations. We boast of an extraordinary record of client satisfaction. Most of our business is repeat or referral – a clear testament to how much our clients enjoy travelling with us. With word spreading about Blessed Bhutan Adventure, reference might just come from someone you know!

8. Respect for our world/Responsible Travel: Blessed Bhutan Adventure promote and practice sustainable tourism principles. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our tours. We are constantly seeking new ways to bring clients closer to local cultures and encourage two-way cultural exchange and we work hard to set company benchmarks for the minimum environmental impact and the most conscientious beneficial practices towards grass root level We have various projects in which we give back to the community as well as volunteer programs for you to get involved with. We design travel packages in an environmentally responsible manner. And, we donate funds, time and resources, often in partnership with local organizations and our guests, to protect or restore the local community

9. Blessed Bhutan Adventure: Blessed Bhutan Adventure is a tour operator certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We are also registered member of Association of Bhutan Tour.

Our professionalism and uncompromising services have attributed to our success and this company is a well – known entity in the Tourism Industry in Bhutan today. The firm has since its inception acquired vast experience dedicated in delivering unparalleled services. We have always committed ourselves in catering to the personalized need of every guest to ensure that our guests experiences Bhutan in all of its beauty, tradition, culture and spirit.

10. Fun & Excitement: Last and by no means the least of the reasons why you should choose Blessed Bhutan Adventure! Our company is staffed by young and vibrant people who makes for as fun and exciting an experience as you want it to be.