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This is a tiny kingdom sequestered in the Eastern Himalayas that has seemingly copyrighted what it means to be 'unique.'

Bhutan is not just an itinerary-oriented 'trip' for tourists but an experience in exploration. It is about rediscovering the past, preserved zealously for centuries, and catching a glimpse of what a better future could be all about.

Journeying to Bhutan is like entering a time capsule. Here people embrace life as a meaningful contributor to its impermanent continuity. Farmers still till the land as their ancestors did, monks chant tirelessly and prayers flags flutter in the wind.

Life is about being self sufficient, content and wholesome. It is about an innocent smile, a generous heart and harmonious coexistence with all sentient beings. The quest is for unbridled happiness over that of materialism; for safeguarding all that is precious in nature, tradition and culture.

This is a country that has set its own course, on dictates hitherto unheard of anywhere else in the world. In Bhutan, it is all about the 'human factor,' one that encompasses equal respect and reverence for the sum total of everything that makes it possible for the human to thrive.

Today, Bhutan is the cynosure of travelers seeking something more. And it never fails to amaze and deliver. Visitors are increasing manifold by the year and welcome too. The underlying philosophy being to share what is good for all of mankind.

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